– handmade in Great Britain

I’m a great believer in supporting British talent and the local economies they themselves support. is a boutique online giftstore with a cause and our cause is supporting Great Britain plc.

It’s not just our Olympians we should be supporting this year (and each year to follow) but everything British.  And why not? We have some great talent here in Britain and by featuring their fabulous work on the ArtyHarty site we also support the local economies in which they are based and help the environment by reducing transportation.

The good thing for our customers is that this also helps to reduce overall costs for them and brings often undiscovered talent to their living rooms resulting in unique gifts that can often be personalised to suit a colour scheme or match the personal details of a loved one. You won’t find much in the way of manufactured wares on the site (although sometimes we do find things that we find unresistable and are too good to miss) handmade, made in Great Britain and can be personalised are our mottos and quality work and personalised service are our buzz words!

So we’ll be back pushing our cause and launching new British talent into digital space very soon – watch this space and cheer on Britain!


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